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clear that drug companies are spending considerable resources to promote lifestyle drugs rather than

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It argued that it wasin the public interest to fund research into areas of unmet medicalneeds, and that this the cost of such research was necessarilyreflected in the price of patented drugs

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My goal is to get you to your goalwith as little pain and as much education, guidance, support, and smiles along the way

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Try a liquid multi, which can be good insurance to get everything you need

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According to plaintiffs, the undisputed fact that the wholesalers control the markup is a redherring

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It actually made me wince the very first time because I tried to cram it in there too fast

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A senior official at the commerce ministry said, "Thailand has committed to the international community not to use poverty and sickness as an excuse in international trade"

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River fish, catfish, aren’t the same as your run-of-the-mill cod or salmon

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the regulations focusing on anabolic steroids may differ substantially relying on where you live the