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Given that we are in the midst of 4G deployments and ITU’s flipflop on the definition, we could be in for an interesting year.

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Diagnosis of dry eyes can usually be done by history of symptoms, but it can be confirmed by simple office tests

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Vind het erg lastig om dit in te schatten

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"Oral THC is slow in onset of action but produces more pronounced, and often unfavorable, psychoactive

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We’re not planning to use the oil domestically but will blend that heavy oil with condensate from shale plays, refine it and export petroleum products

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Therefore, if you, God forbid, your automobile or your house is likely to function as the target of a burglary, they will surely take your iPad.

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The patient underwent orbito-cranial reconstruction and unilateral optic canal release using an extradural approach through a left fronto-temporal craniectomy

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Yet we're spending hundreds of billions overseas getting involved in wars that have little if any connection to potential terror attacks.

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Moreover, for each patient who receives a kidney, Medicare will save $220,000 in dialysis costs.

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American Indians: It's difficult to understand why this has to be taken up right now as the Supreme Court

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The 3-way buffer with a square 2 by 2 inch cotton pad and wiped off the floor of the coconut and not making it self-packaging and easy fix with a

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The Israeli company TEVA is among the 25 biggest pharmaceutical businesses in the world and a leader in the global generic drugs market

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Elders ended up bought elsewhere at a or chest pain caused by coronary heart disease

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You see, exercise and smoking, destroy nutrients such as calcium essential to prolong our lives throughout your day

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downgrades to speculative-gradecould impact the ability of Finmeccanica, Italy's second-largestprivate

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Oxycontin, also known as Oxycodone, is commonly referred to as “oxy”